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 About Yamato Mishoryu

Yamato Misho Ryu is a type of Japanese flower arrangement, commonly known as Ikebana.

It was first created over 100 years ago by Suyama Houkousai,

who was not satisfied with the way Ikebana was being done at that time.

He was searching for a new way of expressing Nature's beauty.

In endeavoring to find this new expression,

Yamato Misho Ryu was born.

It received gracious support and approval, enchanting all who were exposed to it sway of enhancingthe beautiful greenness along with the brilliance of flowers.

Gentleness of flowers blowing is the wind;strength and clearness of green, growing to ward the sun.

We at Yamato Misho Ryu wish to represent the fresh breath of green with flowers in specially selected vases orflower bowls.

We also endeavor to portray mild,pure representations that express not only delight and joy,but a l so sorrow or distress through flowers completely.

Japanese people who have been fascinated by the beauty of the change of four seasons, lived accommodating to seasons and nature, always saw them as home to our souls, have incorporated them into their daily lives and that created unique lifestyle with aesthetic. 

The origin of Ikebana in the Yamato Misho style lies in such a traditional aesthetic sense and aesthetic sensibility.

Flower arrangements, which are the mainstream overseas, are said to be the beauty of addition, and they create the arrangements by fulling in the space with flowers and leaves. On the other hand, Ikebana, a traditional Japanese culture, is called the beauty of subtraction. It is important not to fill up the space, but rather to create a space where wind can pass through amongst flowers.  

Why don't you learn the mind of Ikebana that respects nature, respects all life across borders, and values human connections?

We are looking forward to your participation with us,from the bottom of our hearts.

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